2013 M2M (-3) BBCOR
2013 M2M (-3) BBCOR
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2013 M2M (-3) BBCOR


This bad boy is the lovechild of Rambo and Wonderwoman. Made in the USA, the M2M is all-aluminum with no forgiveness. This bat was designed for the player who loves to feel the ball all the way through the bat. The full metal design makes the M2M stiffer than Uncle Sam’s pointer finger. With a big, aggressive Longbarrel and a sweet spot the size of California, the M2M makes no apologies for its on-field strength.

Explore the technology

  • X10 Alloy Handle

    Developed with a carbon that is stronger and lighter. This new design allows us to keep the weight where you want it to help generate more power.

  • X10 Alloy Barrel

    This year's formation of aluminum allows us to fine tune the barrel walls for the ultimate sweet spot. X10 Alloy is so strong, it allows us to adhere to regulations while still making the thinnest, lightest, and strongest barrel possible.

  • Taper Ring

    Our Taper Ring Technology makes our bats just as mean on the inside as they are on the outside. The critical placement of this taper ring inside the barrel allows us to maintain monstrous pop while still meeting BBCOR standards. This year, we’ve moved the taper ring closer to the handle to decrease the swing weight and enhance the sweet spot. The bat can actually ‘feel’ lighter, which gives your swing the power to send balls crashing through the pearly gates, landing at the feet of the baseball gods.

  • N2M End Cap

    There’s always a little extra room to pack in some more domination. This end cap utilizes the Longbarrel design and muscles out power from every inch of the bat and decreases vibration by ensuring energy is maximized in the transfer to the ball.

  • Half + Half

    The revolutionary two-piece hitting system introduced by Demarini that silences feedback on off-center hits and creates the largest, most responsive sweet spot by flexing before impact and re-coiling with a burst of ball-launching energy.


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True American Muscle


WTDXM2C 2932-132013 M2M (-3) BBCOR - 32 IN./29 OZ.
WTDXM2C 3033-132013 M2M (-3) BBCOR - 33 IN./30 OZ.
WTDXM2C 3134-132013 M2M (-3) BBCOR - 34 IN./31 OZ.

Product Specs

Certification BBCOR
Handle Type Aluminum
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8"
Barrel Material Aluminum