We want to offer you several options to replace your 2017 CF Zen (-10) 2 ¾” or 2017 CF Zen (-8) 2 5/8” bat. Please select the option you feel most comfortable with and that meets your timing needs:

Return Options

Retool your bat

Return your bat and we’ll retool it to comply with USSSA requirements.

  • Once you submit your claim for the retool option, you will receive a shipping label via email within 36 hours. Send your bat in, and we will complete the re-tool process within five business days. It will feature a new high-visibility end cap, new approval marking and a new model code: CBZR-17 or CBRR-17.
  • Upon retooling, your bat will be eligible for USSSA play. We have ensured that USSSA officials are informed of the new mark and model codes.
  • More details on the retool solution can be found in the FAQ Section at the bottom of this page.



Return your bat; Receive a voucher.

Submit a claim using the form below to receive a voucher for the full value of your bat (inline - $349.95: custom - $479.95). This voucher is redeemable for any inline stock product on DeMarini.com or the Wilson Family of Brands websites including Slugger.com, Wilson.com, ATECsports.com, or EvoShield.com.

  • Once you submit your claim for the retool option, you will receive a shipping label. Upon receipt of your bat, we will process it as a return and issue you a voucher via e-mail for your personal use for the retail value of your bat.
  • Vouchers are typically issued within two business days of receiving and processing your bat.
  • The voucher will allow you to order one inline stock product of your choosing from any Wilson Family of Brands website.
  • In the event you would like to purchase a product that is priced at a lower cost than the full value of your voucher, please reply to your original voucher code email to receive a second voucher for the difference (Two voucher maximum).

2017 CF Zen (-10) 2 ¾” WTDXCBZ-17 Baseball Bat – Inline (including Zero Dark Models) Picture Below (custom models not pictured as they vary in color)


2017 CF Zen (-8) 2 5/8” WTDXCBR - 17 Baseball Bat – Inline Models Pictured Below (custom models not pictured as they vary in color)


To Initiate a Claim:

  1. Please complete the form below. Submit a form for each CBR-17 or CBZ-17 that you are retooling or returning for a voucher.
  2. Select "Return for Voucher" or "Return for Retooling".
  3. After you have submitted the form, we will send you a return shipping label within 36 hours to send the bat to DeMarini via UPS 2nd Day. The subject line of the email with your return shipping label will contain 'UPS Label Delivery'.
  4. Once you have the return shipping label email, place the bat in a suitable box, print and attach the label and drop your shipment off at a nearby UPS store or pickup location.
  5. Note: In the event that you have questions after submitting your claim, please reply directly to the email you received. Please do not submit another claim to check status or to ask a question.