2014 CF6 Insane (-10)


When did being called "the crazy chick" become an insult? With the CF6-10 Insane, we encourage our girls to welcome the title as they drive balls over the fence.

In the CF6 Insane, we've given the -10 a little end load for the punch and power of a -9. This year, we've added the all-new D-Fusion handle. By eliminating vibration, it allows us to crank up the performance on an end-loaded barrel without sacrificing confidence. So if you're feeling deranged, pick this sucker up and start swinging out of your mind.


  • 33 IN./23 OZ.

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Explore the technology

  • Paradox Composite Barrel

    Using our new Paradox Composite, we've made a stronger composite that is shaped to perform softer. This makes for a bigger, hotter, more responsive sweet spot, which leads to consistently powerful swings.

  • D-Fusion Handle

    Gives you the best of both worlds. An end loaded barrel as hot as possible while eliminating vibrations from miss hits.  

  • Geo End Cap

    The Geo End Cap is designed to maintain the responsiveness of the CF6 barrel while allowing us to increase the end-load for more power.

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Drive ‘Em Crazy


WTDXCFI 2333-142014 CF6 INSANE (-10) - 33 IN./23 OZ.

Product Specs

Handle Type Composite
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
Barrel Material Composite