2014 CF6 (-11)
2014 CF6 (-11)
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2014 CF6 (-11)

It's never too early to start crushing. For the younger players that are taking their game seriously, we've created the lightest swinging bat in our CF6 lineup. With a new Paradox Composite barrel and handle, this bat gives the little ones a boost to bring power to the plate. With the ultimate performance, the CF6 -11 is the stepping stone younger players need to take their game to the next level.

Explore the technology

  • Paradox Composite Barrel

    Using our new Paradox Composite, we've made a stronger composite that is shaped to perform softer. This makes for a bigger, hotter, more responsive sweet spot, which leads to consistently powerful swings.

  • Paradox Handle

    The new Paradox Composite gives you a stronger and stiffer handle than ever. This makes for a more responsive, hotter barrel. You can now feel more of the sweet spot on every swing for a truly consistent performance.

  • Clutch End Cap

    The Clutch End Cap dampens vibration for a smooth swing while keeping energy focused in the barrel so balls pop off with authority.


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WTDXCFS 1728-142014 CF6 (-11) - 28 IN./17 OZ.
WTDXCFS 1829-142014 CF6 (-11) - 29 IN./18 OZ.
WTDXCFS 1930-142014 CF6 (-11) - 30 IN./19 OZ.
WTDXCFS 2031-142014 CF6 (-11) - 31 IN./20 OZ.
WTDXCFS 2132-142014 CF6 (-11) - 32 IN./21 OZ.
WTDXCFS 2233-142014 CF6 (-11) - 33 IN./22 OZ.

Product Specs

Handle Type Composite
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
Barrel Material Composite