2015 CF7 (-10) Hope

The -10 Hope packs the same punch, power and balance as the -10, however with this one, you're hitting for a good cause.  A portion of the proceeds goes to helping fight breast cancer via a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

With our breakthrough D-Fusion technology now expanded to this model, this bat is more impressive than ever. Our thermofused taper reduces any unwanted vibrations while simultaneously redirecting energy back into the barrel to propel the ball on impact. Translation: the science is nasty; but it looks oh so sweet.

Explore the technology

  • Paradox Composite Barrel

    Using our new Paradox Composite, we've made a stronger composite that is shaped to perform softer.  This makes for a bigger, hotter, more responsive sweet spot, which leads to consistently powerful results.

  • D-Fusion Handle

    Extra stiff Paradox Composite rod paired with a thermo-fused taper eliminates vibration and redirects energy back into the barrel.

  • Stacked Barrel Construction

    Two independent walls create a dynamic springboard hitting surface giving you a sweet spot with an explosive trampoline effect.

  • Dish End Cap

    Concave design creates mas stiffness at the end of the barrel while driving energy back to the sweet spot.

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Sweet Spot. Sweet Looks. Just Don't Call Her Sweet Heart.



Product Specs

Handle Type Composite
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
Barrel Material Composite