The Flipper is DeMarini's hard answer to soft compression balls. This game-changer is specifically designed to attack the low compression 52/300 'bouncy ball' with the tenacity of a Kansas twister. Our new Divergence Technology extends the sweet spot horizontally around the barrel making for a more for giving bat. Even if you don't hit it right on the screws, you'll rattle off tape measured shots due to the much improved impedance match between this very unique barrel design and the ball. It doesn't take a heavy stick or quick bat speed to pump out homeruns. With The Flipper, just swing, flip, and out of here.

Explore the technology

  • SC4 Handle

    Stiffest handle designed by DeMarini with the strongest alloy manufactured by DeMarini.

  • Divergence Barrel

    Two layers of composite materials sandwich an air gap creating a super responsive sweet-spot with maximum performance for High COR Low Compression balls.

  • Rotation Index

    Numerical system reminds players to rotate bat extending its life.

  • Dish End Cap

    Concave design creates mas stiffness at the end of the barrel while driving energy back to the sweet spot.


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Flip Out!


WTDXFLS 2734-13FLIPPER - 34 IN./27 OZ.
WTDXFLS 3034-13FLIPPER - 34 IN./30 OZ.

Product Specs

Certification “ASA 2004” certified
Handle Type Aluminum
Barrel Material Composite