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NTU "Juggy"


Nobody ever said softball had to be fair. With the Juggy NT3, our stacked barrel construction puts the cards in your favor. The end-loaded triplewall barrel provides a strong, lightweight hitting zone with a springboard surface to rock countless ropes. The tight barrel is capped off with the stiff Big D end cap to keep energy focused on the sweet spot. With the mean construction of the 2013 Juggy 3 line, we've got you stacked up.

Explore the technology

  • TR3 F.L.O. Composite Handle

    This year, we fused the layers of carbon which enables us to create a stronger handle with less weight. 

  • TR3 F.L.O. Composite Barrel

    This year, we fused the layers of carbon to create a stronger barrel with less weight. This allows us to distribute the bat weight evenly throughout the bat. A more balanced bat produces faster bat speeds so you can generate even more power.

  • Big "D" End Cap

    Stiff end cap designed to increase the end load and keep the power in the sweet spot.

  • Hybrid Comfort Grip

    2-piece grip built for ultimate comfort and tack

  • Rotation Index

    Numerical system reminds players to rotate bat extending its life.

  • Half + Half

    The revolutionary two-piece hitting system introduced by Demarini that silences feedback on off-center hits and creates the largest, most responsive sweet spot by flexing before impact and re-coiling with a burst of ball-launching energy.


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The return of the Juggernaut!


WTDXNTU 2634-13NTU JUGGY - 34 IN./26 OZ.
WTDXNTU 2734-13NTU JUGGY - 34 IN./27 OZ.
WTDXNTU 2834-13NTU JUGGY - 34 IN./28 OZ.
WTDXNTU 3034-13NTU JUGGY - 34 IN./30 OZ.

Product Specs

Certification USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF
Handle Type Composite
Barrel Material Composite