2014 Senior SR1.21 (Endloaded)
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2014 Senior SR1.21 (Endloaded)

When someone tells you to act your age, you can now assume they're telling you to crush the ball with overpowering force. The all-new Senior SR1.21 Endloaded gives your senior crew some crazy power. You have no intentions of losing power, and neither does this beast - coming insanely hot out of the wrapper.

Explore the technology

  • 4.ONE Barrel

    Proprietary composite design creates one of the stiffest composites known to man by using a narrow composite in multiple lay-ups.

  • Clutch 2

    Synchronized stiffness with a composite barrel returns impact energy to barrel


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Built for the ages.


WTDXSNE 2634-142014 SENIOR SR1.21 (ENDLOADED) - 34 IN./26 OZ.
WTDXSNE 2734-142014 SENIOR SR1.21 (ENDLOADED) - 34 IN./27 OZ.
WTDXSNE 2834-142014 SENIOR SR1.21 (ENDLOADED) - 34 IN./28 OZ.
WTDXSNE 2934-142014 SENIOR SR1.21 (ENDLOADED) - 34 IN./29 OZ.
WTDXSNE 3034-142014 SENIOR SR1.21 (ENDLOADED) - 34 IN./30 OZ.

Product Specs

Certification SSUSA, SSWC
Handle Type Aluminum
Barrel Material Composite