2018 CFX Slapper (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

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WTDXCFA 2131-18, WTDXCFA 2232-18, WTDXCFA 2333-18, WTDXCFA 2434-18

$349.95 50% OFF


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  • The DeMarini CFX Slapper (-10) Fastpitch bat is the stick of choice for those speedy left-handed slappers, for its long 14" barrel that provides maximum plate coverage and is weighted more to the hands to provide optimal barrel control. It's all thanks to the new  3-Fusion System that helps optimize bat weight control, and the Paraflex Composite barrel design, which allows for weight to be more precisely distributed for peak performance. And better still, when you don't want to slap, this bat acts as a lighter-swinging -10 with enough mass and pop to drive the ball into the gap for the ultimate element of surprise. 

    If you want to be the best, you always have to keep pushing forward. You can't stop. Because the moment you do, someone is ready to take your place. Just like the hitters we make our bats for, we strive to improve year after year. Driven by innovation, the 2018 CFX lineup pushes the limits of bat technology to create our lightest swinging, best performing bats to date.
    • Paraflex Composite Barrel Design
    • Half and Half 2-piece Design
    • 3-Fusion Endcap
    • 3-Fusion Handle
    • RCK Knob
  • Product SKU(s) WTDXCFA 2333-18, WTDXCFA 2434-18
    Barrel Diameter 2 1/4 Inches
    Series CFX
    Certification ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, USSSA
    Barrel Material Composite
    Model Year 2018
    Weight Drop -10

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DeMarini 2018 CFX Fastpitch Bats


The components of our innovative 3Fusion System are designed to work together to bring you the pinnacle of performance, from knob to end cap. The 3Fusion End Cap optimizes bat weight control and performance, and the 3Fusion Handle is made with a new streamlined design for ultimate feel, while reducing vibration and redirecting energy back into the barrel.

DeMarini 2018 CFX Fastpitch Bats


Made with 22% stronger composite material, our barrel design allows for more precise weight distribution, massive flex and mad pop.


Our RCK Knob is anatomically designed to perfectly fit the player’s hand.