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2020 FNX Rising (-10) Fastpitch Bat

  • Take flight with the FNX Rising Fastpitch Bat (-10) from DeMarini.

    Inspired by the Phenix bat that defined a generation of power hitters, the FNX Rising is One of a Kind. This stick features our all-new Seismic End Cap and Parastack Composite barrel, built with the strongest materials in our lineup that give you a stiffer composite with more mass in the sweet spot. We finished this bat with our Direct Connection design that helps deliver insane energy transfer on contact, making sure your power goes into the ball, not your hands. 

    We know the game's elite sluggers crave more mass in the barrel of a stiff-swinging bat. We delivered with The FNX Rising, designed from the end cap to knob with those players in mind.
    • Parastack Composite Barrel
    • Direct Connection Handle
    • Siesmic End Cap
  • Product SKU(s) WTDXPHP 2131-20, WTDXPHP 2232-20, WTDXPHP 2333-20, WTDXPHP 2434-20
    Barrel Diameter 2 1/4 Inches
    Series FNX Rising
    Certification USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA
    Barrel Material Composite
    Model Year 2020
    Weight Drop -10


FNX Rising (-10)

Built with more mass in the barrel for maximum energy transfer

Stiffer Construction

Stiffer construction

Stiffer construction

Constructed with our stiffest materials, middle of the order hitters will fall in love with the power of FNX Rising.



From head to toe, we built this bat for one thing: to deliver maximum energy transfer. The result: a bat that delivers great performance with the feel that power hitters love



The FNX Rising was built with our all-new Parastack Composite barrel to give middle of the order hitters the extra mass in the barrel that helps them drive the ball.

A stiffer composite barrel designed for power hitters looking for more mass in the barrel.

This two-piece direct connection handle provides the feel power hitters love and allows for maximum energy transfer and insane power on contact.

Constructed with the stiffest materials in our lineup, this end cap is tuned to maximize the sweet spot and performance of the FNX Rising barrel.

2020 Fastpitch Bottom Block

2020 Fastpitch FNX Block Grid

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