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Looking for a great deal on a brand new DeMarini bat? You’ve come to the right place. The DeMarini Outlet is the best place where you can find great deals on closeout bats and gear.

Here you can find DeMarini bats on sale, often for up to 50% off the original price. These are fresh bats with the best tech in the business. Usually these bats are simply an older year model than the current year, but still packed with offensive performance.

DeMarini has been making the most game-wrecking bats for over 30 years. Our passion is an insane dedication to getting more speed, more power and more performance than you can get anywhere else so you can be confident that any season of bat you choose, you’re going to make noise at the plate.

There’s no need to hunt all across town for the best deal on DeMarini bats and gear. Visit regularly to see what’s new in our outlet store.

Priced ready to fly, built ready to launch. Make DeMarini’s outlet page your go-to site when you’re looking for the best deals on the best bats in the sport.