Built like nothing before, this stick delivers consistency and red-hot performance straight out of the wrapper.


The D-LAB team developed a new cutting-edge bat manufacturing process that we believed would produce a lighter, more consistent bat. The catch? The process couldn’t be tested on existing bats. To prove-out this process, we had to design a completely new bat from the bottom-up. Challenge accepted.

Bat Development usually starts with an idea for the final product and then the manufacturing process is designed to create the desired bat.

This time, our team started with our new, innovative manufacturing process, and the NAUTALAI bat was the result.

Working with some of the most advanced materials experts in the country, the team created a new composite featuring longer continuous fibers. That meant fewer variations in the barrel for a lighter, more consistent bat.

The NAUTALAI had a lot of promise, and after putting it through the ringer we knew we had created a bat with more consistency than anything else on the market.

In numerous tests, the NAUTALAI had high performance from the first swing to the last.

D-LAB’s new manufacturing process and the NAUTALAI are a success on all fronts.

  • More consistent performance throughout the life of the bat
  • Less variation from bat to bat in the manufacturing process
  • Lighter weight thanks to continuous fiber
  • More consistency around the entire circumference of the bat
  • HOT out of the wrapper

Undeniable results. Unthinkable consistency.

The components of our innovative 3Fusion System are designed to work together to bring you the pinnacle of performance, from knob to end cap. The 3Fusion Handle is made with a new streamlined design for ultimate feel, while reducing vibration and redirecting energy back into the barrel.
Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction offers consistently high performance from the first hit to the last.

2018 D-LAB Nautalai Slowpitch Softball Bat

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  • Meet the Nautalai, one of the first bats to come out of the D-LAB. Built like nothing before, this stick is the product of brand-new, proprietary tech that delivers consistency and high performance from the first hit to the last. Its 13” barrel made with Continuous Fiber Wall construction and a 3-Fusion Handle combine to make this beast red-hot out of the wrapper.

    D-LAB is where R&D reigns free and Ray DeMarini’s vision comes alive. Where we defy norms on the daily with bats no one else is brave enough to build. Bats born in the D-LAB aren’t made for the masses, they’re made for the players ready to unlock potential even they didn’t know was possible.
    • 13” Barrel manufactured in Hillsboro, OR
    • Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction offers consistently high performance from the first hit to the last
    • 3-Fusion Handle
    • Full composite design: Two-piece design with composite handle
    • Designed and assembled in the USA
    • Mass Index: 25 – 760, 26 – 800, 27 – 880, 28 – 950, 30 – 1005
  • Product SKU(s) WTDXUSA 2534-18, WTDXUSA 2634-18, WTDXUSA 2734-18, WTDXUSA 2834-18
    Barrel Diameter 2 1/4 Inches
    Series D-LAB
    Certification ISA, NSA, USSSA
    Barrel Material Composite
    Model Year 2018